Sijil Halal SHAKLEE 2012
Sijil Halal 2013
Shaklee mendapat pengiktirafan halal oleh Islamic Service of America (ISA). 

INFANCA (Salah sebuah badan pengeluar status halal di US) mengeluarkan kenyataan mereka tidak pernah luluskan status halal Shaklee & Shaklee tidak pernah memohon status halal dari INFANCA. Ini kerana Shaklee sudah diiktiraf oleh ISA. 

JAKIM juga tidak pernah mengeluarkan sijil halal kepada Shaklee, walau bagaimanapun, Shaklee mengiktiraf Islamic Service of America sebagai badan pengeluar status halal yang dipercayai JAKIM. 

Fakta ISA

ISA mengeluarkan sijil halal Shaklee adalah sebuah badan pengeluar sijil halal terkemuka di dunia. ISA adalah badan luar negara yang diiktiraf oleh JAKIM.

6.5 Islamic Services of America, a leading US Halal certification body recognised globally, including Malaysia, estimates that the US market for halal foods will continue to grow at a rate of 25 to 30 per cent over the next five to seven years. dari website JAKIM

Shaklee telah menang kes di mahkamah berhubung sijil halal terhadap INFANCA. 

ISA diiktiraf oleh JAKIM

Shah Alam High Court dismisses suit against Shaklee Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR Nov 2 – The Shah Alam High Court has dismissed a suit filed by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) against Shaklee Products (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

In dismissing the case with costs, Judge Dato’ Zulkefli Makinudin ruled that IFANCA’s application for an injunction to stop the company from selling its products was not supported by facts as contained in its affidavits, and that there was “no real issue” between the parties, Shaklee Malaysia said in a statement recently.

Shaklee Malaysia, which has 100,000 distributors in the country, is a social marketing company with more than 40 years of experience.

Julie Yeap, general manager of the company, said Shaklee Malaysia had realised strong double-digit sales growth last year and expected this positive trend to continue next year.

She said Shaklee Malaysia would launch hair-care products and indoor air purification systems next year.

Maka gunakan Shaklee tanpa was-was kerana was-was itu subahah hukumnya. Carilah yang halal, kerana yang halal itu fardhu. 

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